2018 Premier Dealer Cruise: Montego Bay, Jamaica

The 2018 Premier Dealer Cruise will mark the 11th Annual installment of our signature event. This year’s Dealer Cruise will take place January 21-26, 2019 at the incredible Secrets Wild Orchid in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

Located at the tip of a peninsula, with over a mile of private beaches leading into the waters of Jamaica’s famous Montego Bay, Secrets Wild Orchid is one of the jewels of the Secrets family of resorts.

Enjoy fine dining at one of seven á la carte restaurants, sip top-shelf cocktails at the piano bar, soak up the sun by the pool or on the totally private beach, or simply relax on your ocean-view balcony. This all-inclusive, adults-only slice of paradise awaits you.

And there’s plenty to do off-site, too. Check out the nightlife on Montego Bay’s famous Hip Strip, book a zipline or river-rafting adventure, or tour the Appleton Estate Rum Distillery.

The options are endless, you just have to qualify!

What is the Premier Dealer Cruise?

The Premier Dealer Cruise is the must-attend event on the aftermarket retailer’s calendar. Our program combines the best of both business and pleasure. Nowhere else can you get the same high level of training, networking, and sales opportunities – all packed into one week of luxury and fun at a tropical destination.

  • Product Training: Hands-on training sessions with 25+ leading diesel, off-road, and accessories product lines.
  • Networking: Mix and mingle with industry leaders: other top shop owners, sponsoring suppliers, and Premier staff.
  • Exclusive Sales: Dealers who qualify for the Cruise will have access to exclusive sales, unavailable anywhere else.
  • Unlimited Luxury: Flights, accommodations, food & drink – all expenses are paid. Enjoy all the sun, sand, and surf that you can handle.

How to Qualify

Cruise Points are the determining factor in who gets invited to join us in Jamaica. Beginning in April 2018, all of your purchases will be converted into Cruise Points according to this system:

All Purchases: $1 = 1 Point
No matter what you buy or when, you’ll get a point for every dollar spent (starting April 2018).

Year-over-Year Monthly Growth: $1 = 2 Points
When your purchases for a month in 2018 grow past your purchases for the same month in 2017, you’ll get a bonus point for each dollar spent.

Year-over-Year Monthly Decline: -$1 = -1 Point
If your purchases for a month in 2018 are less than your purchases for the same month in 2017, you’ll lose a point for each dollar of decline.

Dealer Portal Purchases: $1 = 2 Points
If you place an order on our Dealer Portal, or submit it via our API, you’ll get a bonus point for each dollar spent that way.

Special Monthly Bonus Opportunities
Every month, we’ll release a special buying opportunity that will provide bonus points. Make sure to check your emails and our social media pages often.

Qualifying Period
The qualifying window is April 1 – November 5, 2018. In order to qualify, your account with Premier must be current at the end of the qualifying window. Final invitations with be distributed at Premier’s discretion.


Current Special: TRIPLE Points on ALL Sponsoring Lines


From October 1 – 31, Premier customers can earn TRIPLE points on all sponsoring product lines!

For every $1 you spend on sponsoring brands, earn THREE TIMES the points!


Want to be the envy of EVERYONE ELSE at the Premier Dealer Cruise? Want to live it up in the PRESIDENTIAL SUITE all week? It’s simple: Be the customer that grows your business with Premier by the greatest percentage this year! From the biggest businesses to the smallest, EVERYONE attending has a shot at this one.

Premier will cover your FREE upgrade, which includes ALL of the following perks:

– Large living room with FULL BAR –
– Dining room with seating for EIGHT –
– Luxurious bathroom with HYDROTUB to fit four –
– Spacious, private balcony with WHIRLPOOL –
– Access to ALL Preferred Club amenities –

There’s only one Presidential Suite in the entire resort, and it could be YOURS!



EVERYONE has a chance to win! Just be the customer who grows their business with Premier by the greatest percentage over your 2017 totals, and you and your guest will be living lavishly in the Presidential Suite for A WEEK IN PARADISE.

ALL of your business with Premier counts toward the Presidential Suite Competition. Every dollar counts: stocking orders, drop shipments, Bargain Barn buys, etc.

The prize will go to the customer who grows by the greatest PERCENTAGE over last year, not the one who does the greatest total volume.
This is a race against YOURSELF.



Surprise! It already did!

Unlike qualification to attend the Cruise, this one doesn’t stop at SEMA. We’re counting all year, from January 1 to December 31. If you want to win this race then there’s NO easing up on the pedal.

Why The Dealer Cruise

Hands-on product training from 25+ sponsoring manufacturers

Networking opportunities with other top shop owners, manufacturers, and Premier staff

Unique sales opportunities available only to Cruise qualifiers.

Unlimited luxury - enjoy an all-expenses paid trip for two to a tropical paradise